About Essex Red Tents

Essex Red Tents are women’s gatherings that celebrate womanhood and sisterhood… whether that’s with a structured activity like creative exercises, meditation, learning massage, feminine energy yoga, story telling, making things with chocolate – there is always chocolate at Red Tent… or it may simply be a chance to sit with women in a nurturing circle to chat, to laugh, sip tea, exchange ideas, cry, hold, flop and give each other the feminine support that can be missing in our masculine-minded, competitive world.


Red Tent is inspired by the Native American custom of taking time out during menstruation, and it’s an intention to value, honour and celebrate ourselves as women, but you don’t need to have a menstrual cycle to come to Red Tent… if you are curious about what it might be like to feel supported and heard by other women, to speak from the heart and to just be yourself, without needing to perform or wear a mask… then you have come to the right place.

Essex Red Tents was started by Emma Tivey in 2013 and grew very naturally through the work of Emma Turnbull, Keziah Osborne, Zoe Harris, Debs Cuthbert and Clare James TaKeShiatsu.

In 2015 we hosted a summer solstice weekend gathering in the Essex countryside and plan to do more, watch this space!

As our first Essex Red Tent grew, new tents were born and we made links with women running Red Tents all over East Anglia, so that Essex Red Tents became a container and support for sharing information and inspiration about Red Tents in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. The gatherings are hosted by many women, including Michèle Francis, Sarah-Jane Jarvis, Ceri Lee, Lisa Horwell, Zoe Harris, Kayla Bainger, Claire M James, Emma Turnbull, Dian, Keziah Osborne, Debs Cuthbert and Rain. As Red Tent hosts, we support each other by getting together regularly online and in person, just to make sure that as women, we’re not trying to do it all ourselves and getting worn out… that’s not what Red Tent is for! If you would like to join the Essex Red Tents Hosts’ Circle, would like to start a Red Tent or would like support running one, please get in touch.

On our blog you can read stories and perspectives of women who come to and host Red Tent…

To find out more about what each of our Red Tents offer and what to expect, select a Red Tent from the menu at the top right of this page…

To see all the upcoming dates for Red Tent gatherings, have a look at the diary. You need a password to see the dates, as Red Tents are intimate gatherings and it’s important that we share our information with care. If you don’t have the password, please ask someone you know who comes to Red Tent or write to us.

We also have a Facebook group where you can join in the discussion and share inspiration…

Remember the most important thing is your presence in circle, so we hope you find a Red Tent near you that helps you feel deliciously feminine, supported, heard, creative and vibrant!

Please check out the wonderful work of the Red Tent Directory which holds information about Red Tents across Europe, gives advice, herstory and talks about the women who have inspired our and many other Red Tents around the world.