Essex Roaming Red Tent

red tent talking about anger

Essex Roaming Red Tent is for women of all ages, from menarche to post-menopause. Whether you feel connected to your feminine nature or not, you don’t have to be in a sociable mood to come to Red Tent, come as you are! Whether you’re grumpy, deflated, happy or hyper, if you don’t know what you could contribute or gain from it, you are warmly welcome…

Each woman brings something valuable to the circle, whether that is providing a venue, bringing tea or flowers, decorations for the circle, offering an activity or teaching something, but the most important thing is to turn up! It’s women’s presence that makes the circle.

Some of us like to wear red, orange or pink, perhaps bring some red cloth to decorate our circle, anything you’ve made with chocolate is always gratefully received, but you don’t have to wear anything particular or bring anything at all.

Depending on the venue, you may benefit from bringing a blanket or firm cushion to help you sit comfortably.

Please bring food to share and a donation of £5 to help cover the costs of gathering, like herbal teas, decorations and craft materials that make our Red Tent a charming place to be

Essex Roaming Red Tent is held on the first Sunday after new moon, winter hours 11-3pm, summer hours 1-5pm, check the diary above for dates for the whole of 2017.