My first Red Tent

My first Red Tent was around May time 2013 held by Em Tivey and when I arrived, the at the Tree Room in Colchester, the room looked inviting, beautiful and warm. The cushions were in a circle, with flowers, chocolates and self-care things in the centre. We watched Red Tent the movie and I cried. I never cry in public and others we crying too and it was like “this is ok” It was such a healing experience. I loved it and I continued to go as much as I could ever since.

I felt the call to start up a Red Tent in Braintree which I co-run with Kez. Kez runs Red Tents in Colne Valley and we have joined them together. Something else I have never done – co-created something with another woman. It feels wonderful. The power of Red Tent has healed me so much and I am beginning to find myself again thanks to the power of sisterhood and circle.

Much love,

Zoe Harris

I live in Braintree, Essex with my two daughters and partner. I am qualified Moon Mother, ITEC massage therapist, Reiki Level II attuned, Non Violent communication practitioner and Red Tent co-creator with the intention of supporting women to return back to their sacred nature of wholeness. Find out more about me and what I do visit I look forward to connecting with you on this journey xxxx


Author: Zoe Harris

Hello and welcome 🙂 My name is Zoe and I am a qualified massage therapist ITEC, (since 2000) reiki level II attuned (since 2014) and Moon Mother (since 2015) who lives in Braintree, Essex. Follow Your Womb Heart is 1) self-care using massage, reiki and indian head massage 2) personal growth and empowerment using the menstrual cycle as a medicine wheel tool More details are in the following pages. I look forward to working with you. Much Love, Zoe Harris x