The magic runs deep – for my sisters

The magic runs deep – for my sisters

The wisdom of old flows through me,
my inner core streams and pulses with orbs of thoughts,
Innately existing, it’s reaching and calling,
Go to it I must, and let go…I’m falling

Maternal beating and nurture flows from me
Returning a signal that’s heard now and respected
A badge of honour throughout time worn
The power and force of red at dawn

Through each of us the magic runs deep
Together we find the sisterhood calls
Connected we are through inner voices shared,
To the sky and tree roots we’re paired

The knowledge is lent as our souls return
And we add to the whirl what we know and learn
So to future ones who read and seek
It’s not for us to find and keep

…we are one, apart yet together, not mine, not theirs…it’s ours