Red Tent Norfolk

Red Tent Norfolk is a space to be heard and held in sisterhood. Hosted by Kayla and Kerry. Held every month the space is adorned by the group for the first half an hour giving others time to arrive, make a hot drink and connect with the space.

There is a loose structure to create a safe space for everyone. Each month we offer a different topic to explore through council sharing, ritual or a small craft activity. The topics and themes are often centred around the pagan wheel of the year and the seasons. Past topics have included first blood stories, creating balance, self care rituals, creating abundance, planting seeds, letting go, standing in your power. Depending on the needs of the group other offerings have included massage, meditation, yoga, chanting.

Women can bring a little offering to share and something for the alter. Come as you are that is enough. Bring nutritious food to share and £5 donation.

For dates and contact information, please see the diary above. You can also find out more on