Suggestions for Running a Red Tent

We recommend:


having a minimum of two hosts for each red tent and minimum two contact people on your website/facebook/newsletter… they don’t have to be the same women, ideally have a core of four or more women who organise your red tent and speak and meet often outside of red tent to make this flow easier

not feeling you have to serve your guests! If every woman has a role in red tent, it’s amazing how magical it can be to share the responsibilities and let yourself be taken care of too as an organiser! So give women something to do when they arrive, to help them settle and so that they feel a part of your red tent, e.g. making tea, placing cushions, helping you set the intention. Then ask women to share a story, a skill, a song so each woman has a chance – though never forced – to shine

setting an intention: listen to your own needs as hosts and what you want for your sisters, at the beginning or leading up to each gathering. Share it outloud or keep it just for yourself. This can create stability in a red tent and help you understand where you’re coming from, what you need, what you can give and it’s something you can refer to as the red tent takes place

checking in and out: try asking women how they are feeling and what they wish for themselves at the beginning and end of the red tent, even if it’s just one word for the feeling and one word for the wish

greeting the womb and acknowledging our female line: to place hands over the womb and heart and simply say our names, our mother’s names and maternal grandmothers names, and to tell each other that we are welcome in our red tent is incredibly powerful – expect tears and a fast growing feeling of sisterhood!

planning things together outside of your red tent too… excursions, special events… but remember that confidentialily in circle is vital, and once outside the circle, nothing about any issues or stories that were heard in circle should be mentioned – what is said in circle stays in circle – see our Circle Guidelines

letting your red tent grow… if women in your red tent want to set up their own red tent for whatever reason, support them and let the sisterhood and your community grow organically without trying to control it too tightly. We hope red tents become an everyday thing that women can access easily… in order for that to happen, red tents will need to expand and open into new red tents… there is no rush about this happening and no need to try to make it happen, but allow your red tent to birth other red tents if that’s what starts to happen…

dealing with breaches of confidence and other difficulties… ask other tent hosts for support. The best way we can deal with difficulties, whether it’s low attendance, problems between sisters in or out of circle, a lack of cohesion or sisterhood or many other problems that can come up, is together, especially with hosts or people who have experience managing groups. Don’t feel alone, you are not the first person to run into problems like these, and there are people who understand and can support you

being part of a wider sisterhood, perhaps local to you, or online, to share your triumphs and your difficulties, hear others’ and ask and respond to questions about hosting red tent